Justice Reforms

Police Reform
Get rid of Qualified Immunity
Recertify & Decertify officers
Add more mandatory Training
Deescalate with possible special needs people/

Prison Reform
Create transitional housing for inmates who are released.  Studies show inmates who don’t have housing after being released from prison become homeless and/or return to prison within 12 months.

Job Corps 
Most incarcerated individuals have extremely low levels of educational achievement and
very limited job skills.

Work programs are common in prison, but many times those skills are substandard and don’t translate to real world situations.

End privately owned jails.

Employees of these prisons are given 58 hours less training and are paid less than the average federal prison employee.

Sentence Reform
Sentence Reform (mandatory minimum sentences) – If a Hollywood executive received no jail time then you can’t either.

  1. This ultimately means the DA loses its power to force suspects to plea deal for a crime they may not have committed.
  2. If your case is the same, first offense transporting a loaded weapon by a felon, as a past case where the Hollywood executive, who is also a felon, received 6-months probation and 3 hours community service. The most the judge could sentence you is 6-months and 30-hours community service.