Meet Ernest J. Taylor II


Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for our country!

Ernest Taylor is a California native, investor, screenwriter, and United States Air Force Veteran.

Family and service are undoubtedly among the highlights of the American Pride – the land we are born in, the land where we offer our service to others, helping them get to their best potential. Ernest, a USAF Honor Guard veteran who suffered injuries during active duty, is on the mission to serve.

He has dedicated all of his life to serving – born and raised in The Yay, Northern California, he is deeply in touch with the true Californian spirit, valuing family. He himself has raised six children including various from relatives in need. What’s more, he has also treated everyone like his family whoever did anything for him when young.

Ernest completed noticeable service funerals from the Tuskegee airmen to the children of active duty military during his tenure of USAF Honor Guard. Be it the scorching heat of the sun or freezing wind to the bones, Ernest was involved actively in conducting services for the surviving family at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Ernest with his honorary discharge from his service, did not stop providing service to his people. He expanded his horizon and streamlined resources for stock market investments, education, and even screenplay writings.

With endorsements from many Californians, who are not happy Alex Padilla was gifted the position of U.S. Senator by his buddy Gavin Newsom, we are standing in the campaign elections for senate in 2022.